As a church, our objective is to provide a worship environment where people experience the supernatural presence of God with awe (as stated on our beliefs page). Our hope is that through our diverse volunteer Worship Leaders we will be leading to open hearts and ready minds for a transformed life by our Heavenly Father. We desire to see people worship as it will be in Heaven(Rev5:13), as one, singing to God our praises! We seek to do this by not singing particular genres or styles, but being relevant to the now and today, worshiping not to any era of worship music but what the Holy Spirit leads. We love that our Worship Leaders are a diverse group who seek God diligently in their leading and lives. You will experience Hymns to Chris Thomlin, Bethel to Aaron Keyes and various other worship leaders and churches as well as some of our own in house written worship songs. We have a full contemporary worship band and we love to worship together loudly and with excitement! For more information on worship, email our Worship Pastor, Justin James